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UPDATE: Frostbitten Evan Is Now Toasty and Loved in His New Home

by Melanie

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1.19.17 Update Frostbitten Evan Is Adopted1


It was just over a couple of weeks ago that we told you about Evan, a ragamuffin of a dog found eating garbage on a street in Chicago.  He was so badly matted that he was losing fur, causing him to suffer from frostbite.  But now he is warm, healthy, and best of all – adopted.


1.19.17 Update Frostbitten Evan Is Adopted2


Evan was spotted by a man named Frank, who often works with Trio Animal Foundation to find and bring in abandoned and stray dogs who are clearly in need of help.  He said that just as he was leaving with Evan inside his car, he could hear gunfire.  The south side of Chicago can be a dangerous and scary place for both people and animals.


1.19.17 Update Frostbitten Evan Is Adopted3


Thankfully Evan was safe, but he was badly in need of care.  The matted fur had been tearing away from his skin, leaving sores and allowing the tender skin to be exposed to the icy air.  His claws were severely overgrown, making it very painful for him to walk.


1.19.17 Update Frostbitten Evan Is Adopted4


Despite the months, years, of neglect and misery, this pup remained gentle and loving.  He easily offered his belly to his new carers, who cut away his mats, bathed him, and treated his delicate flesh.  Before long, he was all patched up and ready for a home.  And he found one in a jiffy!


1.19.17 Update Frostbitten Evan Is Adopted6


“Evan instantly hit it off with his new brother and fell in love with the rest of the family,” TAF said on Facebook. “In fact, when the adoption was complete, Evan was the first one out the door and he headed straight for his new family’s car. He was not about to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime… his second chance!”

Best wishes, Evan – would that every dog could be so lucky!