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UPDATE: Funds Raised For Lotus The Puppy Left To Drown In A Pond


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The community of Charlotte, North Carolina came together to raise money for Lotus, an abused puppy left to drown in a pond a few weeks ago. The money raised will get Lotus the surgery she needs and help her start a new life.

Lotus was found in a pond left to drown several weeks ago. She had several injuries including a fractured skull, broken vertebrae and a broken front leg. Her front leg will likely need to be amputated. “It’s just never right, there’s never anything that a puppy like Lotus could do to someone to rectify having something like that happen to her,” said Sara Enos, founder of the American Pit Bull Foundation which is helping to care for Lotus.

Lotus has been living with foster parents Allie Scott and Alan Soden who say despite all she’s been through she’s still a loving, friendly puppy. “You would think that after being treated so badly by people, she’d be hiding under the table, and cowering and snapping at people but she’s not at all,” said Soden. “She’s super friendly, saying hi to everyone. 

On Wednesday two local groups raised money to help Lotus get surgery that she needs. The event was called Pawbrokers Party and featured jewelry being sold to help animals. All the proceeds went to the American Pit Bull Foundation to help with Lotus’ surgery.

Authorities are still looking for those responsible for Lotus’ abuse and abandonment.