UPDATE: Judge Orders Temporary Stay on Pit Bull Ban in Montreal

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While the fight may be far from over, there is at least some good news coming out of Montreal, Quebec.  Justice Louis J. Gouin has imposed a two-day stay of enforcement of the new BSL being enacted in the Canadian province.  This is apparently due to a few of the provisions regarding pit bulls in public.

Namely, the issues seem to be with the muzzling and very short leash requirements.  According to Justice Gouin, these provision should be put off until at very least this week, Wednesday.  All of the other provisions in the bill are not included in the stay as of right now.

Justice Gouin is set to make a final ruling regarding an injunction of the bylaws on Wednesday.  Until then, stay tuned into Life With Dogs, as we will have more information for you as it comes out.  If you would like more information on the BSL currently proposed in Montreal click here, or to sign the petition to stop it, click here.