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UPDATE: Landis Gets Adopted!

by Melanie

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1.10.15 - Update on Landis2


We’ve been keeping you up to date on Landis, the dog whose legs became severely deformed after spending the first part of his life in a cage.  Now we’re happy to tell you that he has been adopted, and will be  spending the rest of his life being doted on by a mom who lives near a beach and will be getting plenty of hydrotherapy!


1.14.15 - Landis Gets Adopted1


From Project Landis:

We have the most amazing news today: LANDIS IS ADOPTED!  We are so humbled from all the well wishes, messages, cards, donations and applications for him. We went with the application we felt was going to be the best fit for Landis for the rest of his life. He is going to Mass, near Cape Cod. He is minutes from the beach (sand will be great for his legs), has a large fenced in back yard & will immediately start hydrotherapy 5 minutes from his new home! He will have two rescue siblings and a new mom who is home to tend to his needs.

He will be leaving our vet tomorrow to start his new life & his new family has promised to keep us updated on him!!

We <3 you Landis!!! He is one special boy and we wish him the happiest forever possible!


1.14.15 - Landis Gets Adopted2


From Landis’ new mom:

I have made great progress today. I’m getting the hang of potty training in just one day and I love to sit in my Mom’s lap and chew on my toys. I’m even learning how to play ball!


1.14.15 - Landis Gets Adopted3