UPDATE: Ohio Firefighter Adopts Dog Stranded on Home’s Roof

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In November 2014, we told you about Isis, a malnourished Rottweiler abandoned in an Youngstown, Ohio home for more than a week. One of the men who helped rescued her, Youngstown firefighter Kyle Trimble adopted her just a few days after her rescue.

After being abandoned in the home, the dog somehow chewed through the roof and was stranded there for more than three days, but thanks to concerned neighbors who reported her, Isis was rescued by local firefighters.

Attie, previously known as Isis, found her new home.
Attie, previously known as Isis, found her new home.


In the middle of the rescue mission, the home and dog owner arrived at the property and told officials he had no idea his dog had been trapped on the roof. The man said the house had been broken into and the dog went missing, but he never imagined the pet was starving on the roof.

Because of the dog’s advanced malnourished state, she weighed 46 lbs. when a healthy Rottie weights around 85 lbs., authorities did not release the dog back to the pet owner. Instead, they transported her to the Mahoning County Dog Warden’s office. The pet owner later signed ownership of the dog.

Firefighter Trimble made a connection with the dog since he carried her off the roof. When he learned Isis was looking for a new home he stepped up to take her home even though he was not looking to add a pet to his home.

“It just kind of seems right and she has herself a good home and she is a good fit for me,” Trimble told WKBN. “She is an amazing dog, she is really good around other people and other dogs. She is just a real lovable type of dog.”

Kyle Trimble and Attie the day he adopted her.
Kyle Trimble and Attie the day he adopted her.


After adopting the pet, Trimble decided to give her a new name. Thanks to the internet and an online poll Isis became Attie.

Attie is happy in her new home and has gained enough weight. She is once again a happy, loved, and healthy pet.