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UPDATE: Pierre and Rue, the Lost French bulldogs are Found

by Katherine

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Last week we told you about the unfortunate house break-in that happened to Chicago residents David Wilk and Charlie Gurion on March 11, 2014. While most of their electronic devices were taken, what worried these two the most was the disappearance of their French bulldogs Rue and Pier.

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Rue and Pierre have been found!
Rue and Pierre have been found!


It wasn’t clear if 9-month-old Pierre and 2-year-old Rue were stolen from the house or if they simply ran off during the break-in, but their owners were beyond worried and pleaded to the public asking for their beloved pets to be safely returned.

Fortunately for Wilk and Gurion, the dogs were found the same day by a Good Samaritan just a few miles away.

“A man headed home from the laundromat found them just before the snowstorm hit Tuesday night,” Wilk told the Chicago SunTimes. “He saw a Craigslist ad I posted about our dogs and reached out to me.”

The pet owners had spent all day posting fliers and checking local animal shelters hoping to find their dogs, and it wasn’t until that same night when the Good Samaritan called Wilk and Gurion and told them their pets had been found and were safe.

Pierre and Rue were picked up the following day.

“We immediately just started bawling when we saw them,” said Wilk. “Pierre fell asleep in Charlie’s lap on the way home. I can tell Rue is a little timid right now. I feel like she’s a little traumatized from being out in the cold, but she’s coming around.”

Welcome home Rue and Piere!