UPDATE: Precious the Pit Bull Finds Temporary Housing

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Back on December 2nd we told you about Precious.  She is a pit bull that stood guard over her human after a house fire.  At first, she wasn’t going to be allowed to return to her family because of pit bull restrictions in the area, but she was taken in by family members.  They cannot keep her, and now she is in temporary housing and looking for a forever home.

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Precious has been taken in by foster mom Jessica Stuby.  She started following the story after seeing a picture of Precious standing guard over her human, injured in a house fire.  One could say it was love at first site.  She said this kind of loyalty is something almost built into a pit bull.

“Such a common trait in this breed to love whoever is taking care of them,” said Stuby.

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April Newell and her father were injured when a house fire broke out while they were sleeping.  Newell was hospitalized for minor injuries, but her father suffered from smoke inhalation and some burning.  Is was her father that Precious was standing guard over that day.  According to Newell, Precious has always been a love bug.

After the story hit the news, trouble stemming from Precious’ breed and bans in the area of Maryland she is from was almost immediate.  Precious was taken away, and not allowed to return home.  She was then taken to some family members elsewhere, without the restrictions on breed.  However, they cannot keep her.

For now, Precious resides with Jessica Stuby as a foster.  Precious is a very sweet dog, and loyal almost to a fault.  This little lover dog needs a forever home where she will be loved, and has ample opportunity to snuggle and spend quality time with her humans.  If that sounds like you or your family, you can contact her at Bayside Animal Medical Center at 410-544-4423, or contact her directly at [email protected].

Stuby works with Babes 4 Bullies Rescue.  If you’d like more information on them, you can click here to see their Facebook page, or click here for their main page.

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