UPDATE: Riverside Rescues Run Out of Time – Unclaimed Survivors Put Down

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In a heartbreaking follow-up to the devastating story of pit bulls rescued from a horrifying situation in Riverside County, CA,  this past July, though some of the dogs, like Henry (pictured above) have been taken in rescue groups, those not so fortunate have had their time run out.

While pleas went out for the assistance of rescue groups to aid in removing them from the San Jacinto Animal Shelter went out in August, as of Saturday, September 17, the remaining animals have begun to be euthanized.

This is a sad ending to the frighteningly real nightmare these poor animals  had to endure at the hands of their human captors.  For those that survived their ordeal, but left so emotionally, physically, and mentally damaged from the atrocious conditions they were extracted, making it challenging to plance into foster care, we can only hope their passing is peaceful, grateful they won’t be hurting any longer.

Thank you to all the organizations, like Dream Team Angels Rescue and Wags and Walks, that stepped up to do whatever they could either through taking animals for fostering or getting the word out to others seeking assistance and support for these dogs.  Your efforts are appreciated by all the affected animals and those who took up the mantel to show they cared.

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  1. That is just wrong t kill innocent animals is wrong first of all they were MISTREATED by thier owners and NOW murdered by the law what treatment did thier humans get as always the dog suffers all way. Man murders all the time well GOD is coming and he avenge the innocent

  2. This is appalling. This article suggests they just ran out of time but 3 were kept out of site and not offered to Rescue. Right now 4 are not on petharbor last we knew alive and 2 are MIA probably dead but the shelter will not confirm or deny that fact. For the rescue community to absorb almost 30 dogs is really difficult but this is not a shelter without space so an explanation that is better than “they ran out of time” should be required here. In truth it should be required for all animals in shelters.

  3. With all the money these shelters receive. surely they can give animals more time. They call themselves humane society but they are not humane. It’s a death sentence for them to be there.

  4. Very sad situation. If you don’t like to see pets euthanized & don’t have pets, ADOPT as many as you can. Don’t hoard. If you can’t adopt, DONATE to the rescues that can save them because rescues can only support as many pets as they have money for. Many are foster based & they still need money to pay for medical care, training, food, transportation, etc. for as long as those animals are fostered. Most importantly, encourage everyone to ADOPT from rescues (not Craigslist or from the back of a truck in a parking lot), and spay/neuter their own pets. The more people that support rescue groups with money, fostering, or adopting, the more pets they can rescue from city shelters.

    BTW, city shelters are NOT the problem. Shelters just deal with the oversupply of stray animals running around because irresponsible, greedy humans will either not fix their pets, care for them for life (owners dump them when they get sick), or get a real job & resort to illegal breeding of pets as easy income. It’s PEOPLE that are the main problem.

  5. As sad as this event is these poor abused animals are going to a better place (n a humane way) and they are finally out of their misery.


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