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URGENT PLACEMENT SOUGHT: Brian Needs Someone to Love Him Now!

by Adrea

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This handsome boy is named Brian and he is ready for someone to love and take him to a forever home. His challenge? Brian has been at the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Nevada for  almost a year and his time has run out.

When he first arrived at the shelter, he was a very sweet, loving boy, but the confinement has caused him great stress, making him anxious. Twice he went into quarantine, for getting overly excited, which did not help his situation as it further reduced his socialization time with both people and other dogs.



But Brian has been working hard to overcome those issues, including regularly scheduled sessions with a personal trainer learning how to play gently and use self-control. He also attends obedience class once a week. While some dogs seem to succumb to the difficult atmosphere that often plagues life in a shelter, Brian’s experience has had the opposite effect on him.


Perhaps one of the greatest factors with regard to his behavior is constant, persistent pain. Brian as a torn ACL (knee ligament) and a bad hip that will require surgery.  However, before the procedures can be performed, he needs a foster or, even better, to be adopted. The Douglas Animal Welfare Group has already agreed to pay for the surgeries and related expenses, provided he has a safe place to recuperate.



This two-year old Pitbull is a very good boy, but desperately needs to get out of the current environment. He loves car rides, rolling around in the pool and absolutely LOVES people.  Brian, who is great with other dogs, is best suited to a home with family members over eighteen. If you think you can help, either as a foster, to adopt him into a forever home, or for more information about Brian, please contact Sally Sparks at (661) 400-2918.


Brian deserves a home filled with as much love as he will give. Time is of the essence. Can you help him?



“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.” -Anonymous