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Urgent Request for Foster or Adoption Needed for Calvin!

by Fred

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3.22.17 CalvinFEAT


Good day Life With Dogs readers!  Today is Wednesday, and our friends at Mr. Bones and Company and Rescue the Runway out of New York have put out a special request for a foster home or (more preferably) a forever home for Calvin.  Calvin was brought into their shelter as a part of their One Lucky Dog program, but things haven’t worked out for him.

Let’s let Mr. Bones and Company introduce Calvin:


3.22.17 Calvin4


We welcomed this adorable, 1 year old, 40lb. freckled redhead into our One Lucky Pup program on Dec. 17th as a transfer from a Texas based rescue. Calvin had been found living as a stray in an abandoned junkyard in the Corridor of Houston, TX and was placed in a temporary foster home before traveling North and joining our program.

Upon arriving to NY, Calvin went into foster with an approved and dedicated home in our network and despite a lot of interest from adopters, he was passed over time and time again due to his adolescent exuberance, and sometimes jumpy and mouthy play style. We were all thrilled when Calvin’s turn had come and he began a trial adoption with a wonderful couple on Long Island. Unfortunately, his lack of manners coupled with his young age, and the energy of a typical cattle dog mix proved difficult, and he was returned to our program despite the best efforts of his adopters.

We realized it would be in Calvin’s best interest to provide him with the training he needed, and very much deserved, in order to set him up for success in the journey to a forever home. In early February, Calvin began a 6-week training program at Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym in New Hampshire, the same facility that worked with our big hunk Max, and our recent pull, Mighty. We knew Calvin would be in the best of hands and receive the structure, training and guidance he needed. We are happy to share that this is Calvin’s final week of training and he’s now ready to transition back into home life.


3.22.17 Calvin3 


While we are so thrilled Calvin is finishing up his training program, we are now tasked with finding him the ideal foster or foster-to-adopt home, and we need your help to do so. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!

What is Calvin’s ideal foster or adoptive home? Calvin would thrive in a home outside of a city environment, preferably with a fenced in yard and opportunities to be exercised and stimulated weekly; hikes, running, dog parks, doggie play dates, etc. Calvin really enjoys the company of other dogs, but could also do well as an only dog if socialized consistently. Calvin is also cat-friendly. While his trainers have been working with him to redirect and correct his mouthiness and jumping, a home with children over the age of 15 would be best in order to set everyone up for success.


 3.22.17 Calvin2


Calvin is approx. 1 year old, 40lbs., fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, house and crate trained, knows basic commands and now has 6 weeks of professional training under his belt as well! Being that Calvin is currently located in NH for training, we are willing to expand our adoption radius to give him the best possible chance to find a home. If you are located in NY/NJ/CT/PA/NH/VT/ME and would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Calvin, please fill out an application online here: or email [email protected] for more info.

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