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US Professor Banned From Saudi Campus Over Picture of Dog in Head Dress


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Saudi authorities stormed in on a lecture at the Taif university and removed a US professor from the campus after he showed students the picture you see above.

Joseph Williams said he was very much surprised at the reaction to the picture used during a presentation on the impact of climatic changes on desert animals in Saudi Arabia. He first showed a picture if a dog living in the US before switching to a picture of what he called a Saudi dog – dressed in traditional Saudi gear.

“He then showed a dog living in Saudi Arabia…the picture was for a dog wearing Shammagh (Saudi headgear)…this picture quickly triggered protests from the audience and many of them left the lecture hall,” Sharq newspaper reports.

“Most of them considered the picture as an insult to the Saudi national identity…the university management then told the professor to stop the lecture and leave the campus and the Kingdom.”

Williams apologized twice to the university and to the audience but the damage was done.

Williams said he had received the image from a Saudi professor, and that he was surprised by the reaction of the audience to the picture.

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