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Utah Police Seeking Gun Wielding Dog Hater


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Another victim has been terrorized by a man that Cottonwood Heights police are referring to as ‘the dog hater.’

Authorities say the unidentified man has pulled a gun on several neighborhood dog walkers. His most recent victim has asked to remain anonymous, but was willing to go on camera to talk about an incident that took place Saturday evening. Calling himself Nick, he explained to reporters that while out walking his two terriers, fireworks went off and spooked them.

A man approaching them was nipped on the ankle by one of the small, scared dogs, and reacted by immediately pulling out a pistol and pointing it at the pooch.

“He had the gun out for at least 30 to 45 seconds before the very last thing he said to me after all the banter and complaining about his ankle was, ‘You’re lucky I’m in a good mood’ and he puts the gun away and walks away,” said Nick.

Given the overreaction of the gun toting maniac, police have obvious concerns for the safety of area residents, and describe the suspect as just under six feet tall with grey hair. Anyone with relevant information is asked to contact Cottonwood Heights Police at 801-840-4000.