Utah Slot Canyon Dog Rescue

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I’m a few days behind this story due to the holiday, but if you have not seen it yet the passing of a little time does nothing to diminish the feel-good factor. This could have ended much differently were it not for Zak Anderegg, the man a particular dog may now count among his guardian angels. After local officials showed no interest in trying to rescue the starving canine, Anderegg took matters into his own hands – and was kind enough to record the outcome for the rest of us to marvel at. Note that there are two videos, hence the funky menu beneath the video player.

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19 thoughts on “Utah Slot Canyon Dog Rescue”

  1. We saw this story when it first came out! Isn’t it wonderful? Somebody would take the time and effort to rescue a stray. There are good people in the world, and it takes dogs to show us them!


  2. Extraordinary. What fortune smiled on that sweet pup, when a sweet althletic angel was able to figure out how to get that doggie up and out of his hell. Wow, what a hero – yes.
    Hugs xoxoxo

  3. I am touched by the bravery and compassion of this gentleman. I am totally sickened by the thought that a human being would place a puppy in that sitaution to die a long and horrible death. God must have had a hand in putting this man in that place at that time.

  4. Bless Mr. Zak Anderegg! We more people like him in this world. May he experience much love and kindness for the great deed done.

  5. thank you so much for saving puppy what a wonderful guy you are. may puppy have a great rest of his life

  6. What a wonderful human being Zak is. If only Utah could follow his example of caring for the “least” of God’s creatures and put an end to the whole business of making it legal to shoot stray animals. I thought Utah was supposed to be the home of the Latter Day Saints. Guess they are latter, and certainly not saints to allow this to happen. Thank God for the animal rescue people, not the least of whom is Zak, who put his own welfare on the line for the sake of a thrown-away dog. Bless him.

  7. I applaud the efforts and kindness of the man who rescued this poor pup, adopted him and gave him a better life. However, my first thought upon watching this was that the dog had not been abandoned, but was with another human hiker who fell or became stuck and is dying or dead somewhere, yet to be found. Maybe the dog tried to go for help but couldn’t get out, only going deeper and deeper until he fell into this hollow he couldn’t climb out of. Were his paws and nails bloody and worn down from trying to get out? I bet they were. If the dog was barely alive, the human may have been, too.

    Seriously, now. Did the man who rescued him do any checking to see if there were any reports of missing people or lost hikers, or runaway dogs? Was the dog checked for an identification chip? Otherwise, this makes no sense that this dog was down this deep. If someone wanted to “dump” a dog, this would have been the hardest, most ridiculous way.

    Hasn’t anyone else thought about how he got there? And, where is the human that he was with? Dead by now? I have very strong unsettled feelings about this.


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