Vegan Dog Food

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Vegan Dog Food

At first glance, this article might seem slightly crazy. Vegan dog food? A plant-based diet for dogs? They are an animal in the food chain! Surely, they need to eat meat, don’t they? It’s in their nature, right? Well yes and no is the answer to that question. Some dog owners may prefer to set their beloved pets up with a vegan diet as they themselves, are also vegans. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many reasons why pet owners choose the vegan dog food route and we are here to explain exactly what those reasons are. Moreover, there is an increasing number of vegan dog food brands and vegan dog treats out there.

I Wouldn’t Even Feed That to My Dog

The infamous expression of “I wouldn’t even feed that to my dog” is generally used to describe a foul-tasting meal and not pet food. Yet what many people don’t know is that some dog foods on the market contain ingredients that you literally wouldn’t feed your dog if you knew about them. The most common flavors of dog food are chicken, beef, and fish. As you most probably know, the meat content is usually processed. And while that is an issue for some, it’s not necessarily the main concern for others. When we buy our meat, we know that it is well sourced and has been approved for consumption. Yet the same rules do not apply for dog food. Some brands include meat from disease-ridden animals in their products. Basically, the parts and badly conditioned meat that isn’t able to be put on the market for humans is sometimes mixed into certain brands of dog food.    

The Difference Between Vegetarian Dog Food and Vegan Dog Food


Very much like the approach human vegetarians and vegans take, it is very much “same rules apply” for dogs. A doggy vegetarian diet excludes meat, poultry, and fish, whereas a vegan diet also removes the consumption of dairy, eggs, and any other animal byproducts. One reason that human doggy parents prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet for their fur babies is that they know exactly what is going into their pets. Processed dog foods are virtually impossible to identify the quality of the ingredients, and with a vegan diet, owners feel much more secure about their dog’s diet.

Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Dogs?
Vegan dog food is a very controversial topic within the industry, and like most debatable issues there are many pros and cons to it. With that being said, dogs are omnivores rather than carnivores, and so logically they don’t necessarily need to eat meat in order to get their essential nutrients. From the studies that have been completed, we have seen that plant and natural mineral sources can deliver the required nutrients that dogs need. Therefore, in hindsight, a vegan diet is definitely safe. However, you will still need advisement from your trusted veterinary professional.  

Vegan Diets for Puppies?

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One of the most important ingredients in a puppy’s diet is protein. As we all probably know by now, meat is a rich source of protein. Although there is still a protein content in vegan dog food, it might not be a high enough level for your puppy’s health. Again, if you really want to nurture your pup with a vegan diet then always consult with a vet. There could be additional measures that you need to take to ensure that your new friend grows up to be big and strong.

Having a Veterinary Input
Throughout the years of dog breeding, a meaty, rich diet has been the norm. If you are planning on switching your dog’s food to a vegan option, always ensure that you consult your vet first. When you have made the transition, you also need to keep scheduling regular appointments as some dogs can develop illnesses. Another contributing factor to how well your dog will take to a vegan diet is their breed type. Some larger breeds could require a slightly different meal routine that includes various supplements.

Vegan Dog Food Reviews
Before we get to our trusty vegan dog food recommendations, keep in mind that vegan dog food usually comes with a higher price tag. So, without further ado here are our top picks for vegan dog food.   

V-Dog Kinder Kibble
A trusted 100% vegan brand, V-Dog Kinder Kibble is formulated with the best plant-based nutrition. Rammed with nutritious whole foods, this formula also possesses a 24% protein content. The V-Dog Kinder Kibble is recommended for large dog breeds and is also gluten-free.

  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Promotes healthy fur and skin
  • Effective for weight management
  • 24% protein content
  • Improved oral health
  • Whole foods including peas, quinoa, lentils, and brown rice
  • A good source of vitamins and minerals, L-carnitine, and taurine

Halo Holistic Garden of Vegan Dog Food
Another highly rated vegan dog food brand is that of Halo Holistic Garden Of Vegan Dog Food. This particular brand focuses on supplying a dog food that is centered around vegetables making it a powerful source of nutrients. With a slightly lower percentage of protein, the Halo Holistic Vegan Dog Food is ideal for small to medium adult dogs.

  • 100% vegan
  • Flaxseed oil and sunflower oil that is high in omega fatty acids encouraging skin and fur health
  • High in essential antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber
  • A strong blend of non-GMO vegetables and nourishing oils
  • Reduced gas
  • Easily digestible

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula
Although this brand states that this food is ideal for vegetarian diets, it actually meets the qualities for a vegan diet as well. The Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula is entirely free from meat products, dairy, preservatives, and artificial colors. Again, the protein level is slightly lower than the above mentioned and so additional supplements may need to be added to boost those levels.

  • Contains Linoleic acid
  • Ground flaxseed
  • Omega-3 and 6
  • Is home to a wealth of vitamin E and biotin, which can aid in the dog’s skin, their coats, and their general health

One thing that you may find difficult with vegan dog food is that it may be tricky to find a brand that your dog takes to and enjoys the taste of. Diets mean everything to dogs and if you would prefer to use vegan dog food, then, with the assistance of a trained vet, there’s no reason you can’t have a healthy happy canine that loves his vegan meal plan.