Vet Ranch Removes Painful Tumor from Dog’s Foot

by Fred

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10.13.15 - tumorFEAT

This poor dog was saved from being euthanized in just the nick of time.  All she had was a rather painful tumor on the bottom of her front paw, and they were going to put her down.  Thanks to the Vet Ranch, the tumor is gone, and she’s ready for adoption.

The trip to bring the dog to the pet ranch was an hour both ways, but they got her anyway.  There is a bad overpopulation issue locally, so many dogs with medical issues are put down, often regardless of the severity of the condition.

The tumor on Ginger’s foot was about the size of a baseball, had been there for a while, and she was forced to walk on it.  The outlook for a dog in her condition isn’t very good.

Thanks to the Vet Ranch and the wonderful people there, Ginger’s tumor has been removed, and she is doing very well.  She’ll be ready for that forever home with a loving family.  Is this the dog for you?