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Vets say the “snoot challenge” may actually benefit your dog

by Amy Drew

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Surely by now you dog lovers have heard of the “snoot challenge,” but in case you and your dogs have been living under a rock of late, a quick Instagram search of the #snootchallenge hashtag proves that more than 11,000 dogs around the world have already jumped in the latest internet challenge fray. Some accomplish, some fail; both can be hilarious, as the many online videos prove.

What’s the snoot challenge?

In it, a person creates a space with his or her fingers — generally round, triangular or (awww!) heart-shaped. They then hope the dog will approach and stick its snoot in said hole (which makes for a super-cute boop-snoot photo-op).

Pics and videos of the dogs accomplishing or miserably failing the challenge have taken over various social media sites and are melting hearts and inspiring laughter everywhere. Some dogs seem to know exactly what they’re supposed to do; others, not so much.

Some are lured in with treats, others seems to have already been treat-conditioned.

Of course, this is the Internet, so there’s been no shortage of people finding reasons why the snoot challenge is dangerous, demeaning, or otherwise detrimental to the dogs’ health or self-esteem, but reports from vets have countered these claims, noting that the snoot challenge can help condition dogs to having their faces handled — a great trait for safe application of medical exams!

Additionally, some experts say that the snoot challenge can help to train dogs to wear a muzzle or post-surgical cone if ever necessary, aiding them in growing comfortable putting their snouts into small openings.

As long as owners are gentle, there is no harm to be caused during the #snootchallenge! And of course, if your pet seems uncomfortable, you should not force the dog to perform the challenge.