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Violet, World’s Saddest Little Dog, Is Now the Happiest

by Melanie

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WARNING:  This video is graphic, and shows close-up shots of Violet’s injuries.



Poor little Violet was badly mauled by another dog.  Her owners tried to treat her injuries themselves with a spray that turned her fur purple, but when the wounds proved to be too much for them to deal with on their own, they surrendered her to be euthanized.


12.21.15 - Saddest Dog Ever1


Violet was pulled by the Vet Ranch team, who immediately went to work on fixing her back up.  She had been bitten on the head, and had punctures near her right eye and left ear.  Infections had set in, and she was loaded with pus pockets.  The ear infection was so bad that it was causing Violet to tilt her head, leaving her very unsteady on her feet.


12.21.15 - Saddest Dog Ever2


But after the dedicated care and treatment from Dr. Karri and her team, Violet is now the happy and spunky girl she was meant to be.  If you live in the Texas area and would like to adopt her, please click here.