Volunteer Firefighters Save Senior Dog from Perishing in A Deadly House Fire

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Volunteer firefighters from Akron, New York (a city near Buffalo, NY) saved a dog from a house that was on fire.  Jerry Schrock came home on Tuesday to find his home on fire, and his dog trapped inside.  Thanks to these brave men and women, Misty was saved and will make a full recovery.

According to the rescue teams, the house was thick with noxious smoke.  The second floor of the home was even worse, and that’s where poor Misty was trapped.  Schrock said he tried to pull a rescue attempt himself before anyone else arrived, but just wasn’t able to do so.

“I rushed up and tried to get her out,” said Schrock.  “It was too hot to get her.  It was too hot and there was too much smoke.”

When fire crews arrived on scene, Schrock told them of Misty being trapped on the second floor.  There was no hesitation, and the volunteers rushed in with full gear, and eventually found her in a back bedroom, hugging the floor, but still very much alive and scares for sure.

“Dogs don’t realize what’s going on, trying to hide,” said Akron Assistant Fire Chief Chuck Haist.  “They are scared of us when we come to get them.”

They did manage to get Misty out, and she was unharmed.  Once out of mortal danger, she seemed to take a different attitude with her rescuers.  One more of gratitude than fear.  She was very much shaken up by the experience, however will make a full recovery.