Waiter Faces Backslash after Scorching Dog with Hot Water

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On December 2015, a Chilean waiter caused third degree burns on 20% of a dog’s body after the man threw boiling water onto a dog in a cruel attempt to kick the dog out of the restaurant.

Photo credit: PerrosPlazaHuem/Twitter
Photo credit: PerrosPlazaHuem/Twitter

The dog named Polaco does have a loving owner, and the woman is distraught over the injuries the restaurant employee caused her dog.

It is customary in Latin American countries to allow house pets to roam the streets freely. Polaco’s owner owns a business not too far away from the restaurant and the dog is a welcomed visitor in many of the area businesses. Other restaurants do offer the dog some food when he steps into their establishments, but on this day, Polaco walked into Ají Seco restaurant where he wasn’t welcomed.

Photo credit: Coniriwi/Twitter
Photo credit: Coniriwi/Twitter

Instead of simply kicking the dog out, the employee grabbed a pot of boiling water and poured it over the unsuspecting dog. Crying in agony Polaco left the restaurant. As soon as his owner found her injured pet she rushed him to a veterinarian.

The news of the animal abuse were made public when various animal lovers Tweeted the incident. The restaurant’s owner offered the pet owner 20,000 Chilean pesos (about $30) to cover the dog’s medical costs, however, the veterinarian treating the pet said the cost will be close to 200,000 Chilean pesos ($300).

Local animal lovers were outraged with the abuse and organized a protest in front of the restaurant days later. The business was forced to close down during the manifestation and faced backslash for the employee’s cruel behavior and the apathy the restaurant owner showed the injured pet.

It is unclear if the restaurant re-opened or if the community continues to frequent and support the business. What is known is that Polaco is receiving medical care and will hopefully make a full recovery.

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  1. Can you find out and keep us posted? It would be good if the restaurant were put out of biz!

  2. What a sick bastard. I hope the good people of that area no longer support the business and it is forced to close its doors. As for the pet’s mom, hopefully she will keep a closer watch on her dog in the future.

  3. No se quien es tu Dios, pero mi Dios, no te perdona este acto criminal. Espero tener
    el nombre de la agencia que protege animales.
    Porque te han maltrado a ti, no tienes el derecho de maltratar a un anmal indefenso.,
    Debes entregarte a las autoridades y cumplir tu pena, por tu acto incivilizado.

    Que vergeuenza para la gente de Chile, que verguenza. Entiendo, diras es un
    animal, es un animal que tiene el derecho de caminar donde quiera.
    Reflejas lo peor de un ser humano. la gente aqui en USA estamos horrorizados
    de tus actos infernales.

  4. Really dnt understand how can someone hate a dog. Really dont. They r d best living beings even better then human. They r truly cute n loyal creatures. Hope he gets well soon.


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