Walk With Me

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This video was made entirely for my mother. I’ve had my dog for 13 years and after a recent health scare with him we realized he isn’t going to live forever. I used to take my handicam around with me whenever we went for walks – so this is just a little journal log/montage of our walks together. He’s still alive and very healthy, but I wanted to put this together before I lost the footage.

1 thought on “Walk With Me”

  1. Just a reminder that we all need to enjoy those moments walking with our dog. Especially make time to walk with our dogs in nature. Dogs love nature and need more time in it, away from cars, houses and sidewalks. Their lives are short so make lots of quality time with them. Plan your days off for long walks in the parks or sitting in nature and watching and smelling the breeze. This is what is important. For older big dogs that can’t walk, find a big stroller to teach them to use so you can still take them out to enjoy the scents of nature. This is sad too, because we realize our own dogs won’t be with us long. And don’t want to think about what it will be like when they are no longer with us and they will only be a memory. Since many video cameras are small and cheap now, we can all video tape the happy times with our dogs.


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