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WATCH: Devoted Dog Pays Heartbreaking Hospital Visit to Dying Owner

by Amy Drew

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Ryan Jessen passed away on Nov. 30. He was 33 years old.

Jessen had gone to the hospital for what he thought was a migraine, but it turned out to be a brain hemorrhage, his sister, Michelle Jessen, wrote on Facebook earlier this month. His doctors believe it may have been brought on by high blood pressure.

“It happened so quickly.”

She said her son was an organ donor and that his family members were grateful to be able to help others. His sister said in a message that a 17-year-old boy would receive Jessen’s heart.

It’s a heart that loved his family very much, and part of that family was his beloved dog, Mollie. So with permission from the hospital, his family was able to bring her to see him one last time.



“The hospital did the sweetest thing for us and allowed us to bring my brother’s dog in to ‘say goodbye’ so she’d know why her human never came home,” Michelle Jessen explained on Facebook. “If you knew my brother, he really loved his sweet dog.”

The video has since been viewed more than 10 million times online.

Mollie will remain with Jessen’s relatives.

“Don’t worry about the dog!” Michelle Jessen wrote. “We’re keeping her!!! She’s part of the family.”