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What Happens in Vegas …. Nebraska Dog “Hitches A Ride” To Sin City

by Amy Drew

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Nigel is back at his rural home in Greenwood, NE, much to his family’s delight, but his owner, Ryan Brady, figures that although they’ve “dog-proofed” the yard several times since rescuing him four years ago, his pup will likely find a way to get out again.

Nigel has been known to wander. Generally it’s up the road to a gas station, where he enjoys bilking folks out of their doughnuts — if he even gets that far. Owner Brady, a police officer, usually manages to catch him before he makes it all the way there.

But not this last time. Evidence showed a trucker picked him up while passing through, buying a leash and some dog food before heading out into parts unknown.

Brady created a Facebook page: “Where in the world is Nigel?” And it took off quickly. People from all over the country had their eyes peeled. Days passed. Then weeks. They worried. But then came a call from a veterinary office. Someone was trying to get Nigel vaccinated and licensed.

“They said, ‘Hey, we just scanned a microchip that was in a dog brought to us for licensing. Are you missing your dog,” Brady told 3NewsNow.

The mastiff-St.Bernard mix had made it all the way to Sin City, where the trucker gave him to a family.

“It is almost like it was my dog’s idea to go to Vegas,” said Brady.

But what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there this time. Brady hopped a plane to get his pup, then made the 1200-mile trek back home. His wife and kids are relieved, but Brady is skeptical as to whether Nigel will refrain from future vacations.

“He likes the adventure and the promise of donuts. He is probably looking for truckers now!” said Brady.

Brady’s last minute flight was paid for by Big Red Rescue, the organization from which they adopted Nigel. He is encouraging everyone to donate to the organization that made the reunion possible. Here’s a link: DONATE!