What It Means to Finally Be Home

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8.2.16 - Finally Home


After losing my best friend and companion of 14 years, Queen, a shepherd/Lab mix, on December 19th, 2015, the only way I could make anything positive of it was to save a life in need. After scouting many shelters and rescues far and wide for a good fit I finally came upon an older dog who had been a street dog in Oklahoma her whole life.

Nobody wanted her, so the rescue decided to ship her to Wisconsin to try to find her a home. After being bounced around in different fosters, I found her picture and set up a meet and greet. She was listed as Lab/shepherd mix, but did not look anything like my Queen. I was surprised at her small size when she entered the room.

The foster seemed anxious to find her a home. I knew she had found her forever instantly. She was very friendly and I had brought her a treat, which she gobbled up in record time. After all the paperwork was signed and the fees paid, she was in the SUV and headed for home.

It turned out she was about six, and had worn all her front top and bottom teeth away from scrounging any food she could to feed her pups, which she had in a brush pile where she was living with three other dogs and their pups. She was loving, but cowered when we would try to pet her. Her remaining teeth were in horrible shape and a dental was done.

There was no telling the horrors this girl had experienced in her street years. She hated the cats at first, and my daughter. It has taken much love and patience and overlooking a few bites to gain her trust and confidence.

I said I would never give up on her. When she entered my home, it was for life. She has adjusted quite well, although I don’t trust her with young children or other dogs too much. I know her distrust is from past experiences and she will never have to face those situations again. She is finally home.

Submitted to The Animal Rescue Site by L.H. of Melrose, Wisconsin