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When Your Dog Is Itching to Travel

by Amy Burkert

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Traveling with your dogs to another climate can trigger environmental allergies. This week, Buster and Ty give you tips to help salvage your trip when your dog can’t stop scratching.

Buster: No one told me when we started this traveling thing that we would be going places that would make me itch!

Ty: Honestly, who would have guessed? But whatever has gotten under your skin has us all irritated. Your incessant scratching is disturbing my beauty sleep.

Buster: At least you don’t have to wear DogMa’s t-shirt! I’ve been traumatized.

Buster in T-shirt

Ty: It’s for everyone’s protection. The fur bunnies you were creating could have eaten me!

Buster: I went to the emergency vet, and she said I’m probably allergic to the grass or the mold that grows everywhere here in the northwest. I was so relieved it was nothing more serious, I laid right down and went to sleep!

Sleeping at Vet

Ty: Couldn’t they have given you a shot or something?

Buster: No, I have some allergy pills and I got to have a bath with a nice oatmeal shampoo!

Buster getting a bath

Ty: I read the side effects of those pills. It says they might make you dopey – like we’d be able to tell the difference.

Watching your dog suffer with allergies can make everyone miserable. Follow these tips and make sure pet allergies don’t ruin your next trip!

  • Talk to your veterinarian before you leave on a road trip about the proper allergy medication and dosage for your dog. Note: It can take two weeks or more for these medications to have an impact on skin allergies – so it’s normal not to see immediate improvement.
  • Pack a good anti-itch shampoo in your dog’s travel bag.
  • Consider bathing your dog when you return from a hike or a walk through vegetation to which he might be allergic.
  • Use a wet paper towel or wet wipes to remove any pollen from your dogs feet, legs, and belly after every outing.


Fall allergy season is right around the corner. Do you have any other suggestions that might help an itchy dog?