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Whippet Good! Dog Sets New Guinness Record for Balloon Popping

by Amy Drew

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It was a banner 9th birthday for a dog from Canada as he set a new record as the world’s fastest balloon-popping canine.

Toby, a whippet from Calgary, took the title by bursting 100 balloons in a fun and frantic 36.53 seconds.

“Toby and I have volunteered as entertainment for the community for all of our lives together,” owner Christie Springs told UPI. “Popping balloons was just one of Toby’s many talents. He has always been amazing to me and others.”

Using both tooth and paw, Toby hammered away at the balloons while a proud Springs cheered him on. The pair was inspired to attempt the record after witnessing previous record-holder, Twinkie the Jack Russell terrier, pop 100 balloons in 39.08 seconds in 2016.

Springs said she trained Toby by filling a pool with balloons to pop while entertaining neighbors.