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White Plains Funeral Home Gets Comfort Dog

by Fred

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A fact is a fact, sometimes, you just want to have a dog around.  They provide many things, far too numerous to list them all here.  A funeral home in White Plains, NY now has their very own comfort dog, that is brought out upon request for families.

Lulu is a one-year-old goldendoodle that has been specially trained and certified as a therapy dog.  The idea is fairly obvious.  Lulu is there to be a shoulder to be cried on, provide some comfort to the grieving, and just be there for whatever.  She sits and waits for someone to call her over or greet her, and immediately goes to work.

“We only introduce her if a family asks,” said Matthew Fiorillo, the funeral director at the home.  “We don’t want to upset people who don’t like dogs, or distract mourners.  She’s just here for people who might find a little comfort with her.”

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It’s believed that Lulu is the only comfort dog in the business in the area.  She came to Ballard Durand Funeral Home after a very thorough training and socialization.

“She was socialized like crazy,” Fiorillo said.  “The trainer even took her to Disney World, to make sure she can stay calm when she’s in big crowds of people.”

Lulu is simply amazing at what she does.  Many people have been very grateful for the canine companionship in their time of need.  She’s even been trained to “say a prayer.”  When given the command, she puts her front paws together on a chair, and bows her head.

“She has an uncanny knack for being able to spot people who need her,” Fiorillo said.  “She gravitates to them.  I can’t explain it, but it’s there.”

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