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Who Needs a Sled When You Can BE the Sled??

by Melanie

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Truckee doesn’t just love the snow, he LOooOOoves it!  He’s the senior dog on the Heavenly Avalanche Rescue Dog Team at South Lake Tahoe, and he skis himself down the slopes whenever he has the chance.

“He usually does this during the right snow conditions and this was one of the first warm days we’ve had here in South Lake Tahoe,” YouTube user Chris Child explains.  “It’s been a privilege and a blessing for me to have trained him in what he loves to do!”

As the senior team member, he’s got a lot of responsibility.  He helps train the youngsters how to dig through the snow to find skiers who have been trapped by avalanches.  He’s also got to be an excellent role model so the newbs know exactly what kind of behavior is expected of them.  Buuutttt… that doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to have fun!    Here are some of the other team members.


3.13.17 Be the Sled4



3.13.17 Be the Sled5



3.13.17 Be the Sled6



3.13.17 Be the Sled6b



3.13.17 Be the Sled7



3.13.17 Be the Sled8



3.13.17 Be the Sled9



3.13.17 Be the Sled10



3.13.17 Be the Sled11