Wineries Welcome Dogs

by Amy Burkert

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Ty and Buster, your pet travel correspondents, coming to you from California’s wine country.

Ty: A lot of people don’t realize that many wineries are pet friendly.

Buster: Fortunately, we knew what to expect when we arrived in California’s wine country, because we visited some pet friendly wineries in the Finger Lakes region of New York last year.

Ty: Yes, we planned ahead and found wineries where the people loved us!

Buster: The first winery we stopped at was Rodney Strong Vineyards. They allow dogs in the picnic area, and you can even walk through the vineyards. But, because no one else was there – and we promised to be REALLY good – they let us in the tasting room. And we must have been really good because DogMa and DogPa bought us a box!

Rodney Strong

Rodney Strong Tasting Room

Ty: Next, we went to the Lambert Bridge Winery and they had their own wine dogs!

Buster: Can you imagine what a great job that would be? Spending all day begging for crackers from people drinking great wines. Those dogs are really lucky … plus they have a really nice flowers and bushes to sniff.

Gus and Bernadette

Lambert Winery Gardens

Ty: Mmmmm, I’m still thinking about those crackers.

Buster: Our last stop was at DeLoach Vineyards. Check out the wine rack behind the bar!

DeLoach Winery

Ty: And they have a really nice, pet friendly picnic area. Plus, for $30 the winery will provide you and your dog with artisan cheese, salami, olive spread, crackers, nuts, and DeLoach chocolates. Just keep those chocolates for yourself … and let your dog have all the salami … and the cheese instead.

DeLoach Picnic Area

Buster: The moral of this story is, if your peeps are planning a trip to wine country – don’t let them leave you behind!

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