Wolf Dog Has an Adorable Morning Routine

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This chick has a morning routine, which prompts her wolf dog to begin his routine.  He’s kind of a jerk, but so, so very cute.


6.20.15 - husky routine4




6 thoughts on “Wolf Dog Has an Adorable Morning Routine”

  1. Every morning I walk downstairs and say good morning to our four legged kids. The speak back (in their own way) Polar is a mix of wolf, terrier, and chow but looks terrier, will stretch her legs and put her arms around my hips for a hug. Brutus her brother, same mix but looks like a germs shepherd chow, moans and rolls to wait for a belly rub and licks my cheek. Then I ask ask are you ready for breakfast? They stand and the tails wag and they follow me to their cupboard for a dental stick, multi vitamin, and an oatmeal treat.m

  2. 5 in the morning, Jhinn (husky chow chow mix`) wakes up. comes and looks if i still -sleep-. no movement in out bed, so he goes back to his divan. comes back after 30 minutes with this collar in his mouth. time to get up and go for a walk…. though it does happen, he does not need or want to get up, than HE sleeps. while we do our chores. and he wakes up at 11 noon, ready for his day….

  3. This is NOT a wolfdog. It’s a Siberian Husky and it does a lot of damage for actual wolfdogs because of so many people misrepresenting them.


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