Wolf:  Relative of Dog or Cat?

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In this photo, you can see that this wolf is laying a smooch on a man.  But then he does something that you generally don’t see dogs do – but cats are famous for it!



Wolf gets a little to close for comfort… this is wild!

Posted by Viral Playground on Monday, August 31, 2015



Cats do it, and apparently wolves do it… why don’t dogs?


55 thoughts on “Wolf:  Relative of Dog or Cat?”

  1. My old female australian shepherd rubs her face and body on me daily! Some dogs do exhibit this wolf and cat behavior.

  2. One of my two dogs and my one cat both tag team groom my hair – often in the middle of the night. It’s hilarious and very sweet. But very tangly. Grooming seems to be the go-to thing to do when critters take a liking to you – at least in my experience.


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