Woman Arrested for Mailing Puppy Wants it Back

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Minneapolis resident Stacey Champion was arrested and is facing charges for attempting to mail a puppy to Georgia last week. Now, she’s demanding that the dog be returned to her.

Minnesota Public Radio reports:

Sgt. Angela Dodge of the Minneapolis Police Department says Champion appealed the animal cruelty citation and will likely have a hearing Friday or Monday. The hearing will determine whether she can keep the puppy or if it will go up for adoption.

If she loses the appeal, there will likely be a long list of potential new homes for the dog, Dodge said. As has been the case with other celebrity animals, the calls are already coming into the Minneapolis 311 phone line asking if the puppy, named Guess, is available for adoption.

In cases like this, Dodge said, people line up the day of the adoption and animal shelter staff take down everyone’s information.

“We draw names. It’s that simple,” Dodge said. “Whoever wins, wins.”

The puppy was discovered when postal workers noticed the package moving on its own and became suspicious.

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47 thoughts on “Woman Arrested for Mailing Puppy Wants it Back”

  1. If the judicial system allows her to have that puppy back, then we’ll KNOW its’ even more screwed up than we all thought!

  2. WTF? (And if Sarah Palin is reading this, contact me & I will tell you what it means.)

  3. almost as disturbing is that if the puppy goes up for adoption the new home is picked by lottery? really? I hope that they at least screen the adopters and put only qualified applicants in the hat.

  4. And just watch….they’ll probably claim the law says they have to give it back to her! That’s the way it always seems to go.

  5. she is being charged with something and i sure hope she is found guilty. i agree with martina about a lottery system to adopt out the dog -no vetting? that can’t be true – they must have at least an application and interview before considering the new ‘parents’.


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