Woman Builds Doggy Bedroom Under Stairs Like in Harry Potter

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When it comes to being a lucky dog, Poncho the Chihuahua is one of the luckiest.  His human mom built him his own special “apartment” for him under the stairs in her home.  The tiny room is just the right size for Poncho and all his tiny things and is rather reminiscent, albeit much nicer, of the room Harry Potter used to live in.


Betty McCall of Pitts, Georgia is Poncho’s human mom, and the special bedroom for him was all her idea.  It’s not simply a place to put his stuff, but a fully furnished bachelor pad fit for an adorable little dog.  There’s a sombrero that hangs from decorative antlers mounted on the wall, and a painting that he really seems to prefer.


Poncho’s room has a strong, secure door so he can have some privacy when he wants it, but he’s in no way confined to the room.  He’s welcome to roam the house as he pleases.  However, he really does seem to enjoy his new home.


McCall even had a professional come in, and install an outlet for him.  This way, he can keep an electric blanket for colder nights, or listen to some music if he chooses.  Yes, Poncho is one lucky dog, and his room is super cool!


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