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Woman Catches Hilarious Moment When a Boxer Farts on His Friend

by Melanie

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Getting good shots of our pets is all about having our cameras ready at the right place at the right time.  Kathryn Roux, who runs a doggie daycare center in Wales, was trying to get a cute photo of the sleeping dogs when Rocky lifted his leg and blasted his friend Fanny with a fart!

Rocky and Bobbi were snoozing at the Cardiff Doggie Day Care with two other pups – such an “aww!” moment for any dog parent, and Roux wanted to get a snap of the cozy quartet.  But then Rocky thought he’d slip one out – right on Fanny (how apropos)!

“I found it absolutely hilarious and burst out laughing – I thought to myself, ‘this has to be shared with everyone, not just his owners,’” Roux told the Daily Mail.




“I was only trying to take a picture of them sleeping when he cocked his leg at just the right time and appeared to break wind on the dog sleeping next to him.

“He’s such a loving dog with a funny face and his expression in that picture is brilliant.

“I take pictures all day every day and send them to owners on Facebook and Whatsapp to reassure them while they’re with us.

“It’s not the first time it’s happened but it’s definitely the funniest one I’ve caught on camera.

“Rocky is such a funny, loving and gorgeous dog – I’ll really miss him when he moves home with his owner.”