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Woman Hopes to Save the Dog that Saved Her Life


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baxterAli Saber’s dog Baxter has saved her life more than a dozen times. Now Saber is determined to help save Baxter as he battles cancer.

For ten years Baxter has been by Saber’s side. He’s not only been her best friend but he has helped her manage her diabetes.

“He’s probably saved my life, easily, easily 12 times,” said Saber.

Baxter is able to detect when Saber’s blood sugar dips too low while she sleeps and he nudges her awake before she is in danger.

Baxter has helped Saber through so much in her life, including her brother’s death and her father’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Two and a half months ago Saber noticed a lump on Baxter’s side. She took him to get it checked out and the news was bad. Baxter has cancer.

Saber doesn’t have the funds to treat Baxter. She borrowed the money to have his tumor removed, but he still needs medication and injections. Baxter’s veterinarian says the treatment will cost around two to three thousand dollars. With the treatment Baxter’s life could be extended another three years, but without it he’ll most likely only have a few more months.

Saber is hoping she can raise the money to save her best friend and hero. Paws Against Cancer charity is helping Saber raise money and donations can be made through them or by contacting Dr. Tom Allen at Olympia Veterinary Cancer Center at (360) 339-3596.