Woman saved from attacker by her dog

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On Friday night Deborah Howell went to let her dog Molly in from the backyard of her Georgia home. “I opened the door around 9:36 p.m. to get Molly, when I cracked the door there was a man standing there, and he grabbed the top of my head and started slamming my head into the door frame,” Howell said.

Howell was dazed but not unconscious when her dog Molly stepped in to help. Molly knew something was wrong right away and didn’t  hesitate to act. The 3-year-old rat terrier began attacking the man who was threatening her owner. “Molly went after him and started biting at his legs,” Howell said. Once Molly started biting the man he ran off. “I don’t know what would have happened if Molly wasn’t here,” Howell stated.

Howell has been receiving suspicious phone calls for over a month. On the other end of the phone calls is a man breathing heavily and saying “Deborah, I am watching you.”  Police were able to get fingerprints from the back door that will hopefully help lead them to the attacker.

3 thoughts on “Woman saved from attacker by her dog”

  1. What a brave dog! I hope the dog wasn’t outside unsupervised for long. There are too many bad people out there and dogs (especially terriers) can dig out or find other ways. And I hope the yard is securely fenced, couldn’t tell by the photo. Waaaay too dangerous letting a dog outside in the dark without a fence IMHO.
    Here it is very dark by 9:30 and I would be nervous leaving my dog outside alone for long.
    I have heard of dogs being stolen or killed or maimed by evil people when they are not being watched by their people.
    So please! Watch over this gem of a dog and keep her safe as she kept you safe!

  2. Wow – that would be very scary! I hope the police catch this person soon, like today! Kudos to your little dog, keep each other safe.

  3. I would be afraid that this guy may take action against the little dog. Owner and dog need to be careful, this is a real nut. I am glad her brave little dog saved her.


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