Woman Saves Dog Threatened to Be Shot by Owner on Craigslist

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8.21.13 - Craigslist Dog Saved2

When she saw the ad for a dog on Craigslist that the owner threatened to shoot if someone didn’t take him, Liz Pendleton knew she had to help. So she drove the hour and a half from University City, Missouri to Morrisonville, Illinois to save him.

“It brought me to tears,” Liz said.

The caption read “Dog needs gone or shot,” and the owner threatened to kill him if he wasn’t gone by the end of the day.

“We had to pick him up, no question about it.”

8.21.13 - Craigslist Dog Saved1

The veterinary student rushed to rescue the German shepherd mix, whose owner had nothing to say for himself when she picked up the dog. Police were called, but it is unknown if the man was cited or arrested.

Liz is calling the dog Buck, but that name might only be temporary – she cannot keep him, and is hoping someone will step up to provide him with a good home. He is a bit underweight, and may need a special diet for awhile to help him reach his ideal weight. He’s a puller on the leash, and could use some training, but otherwise is a sweet, friendly dog.

“He just wants love, and deserves so much more than what he has,” she said.

If you can give Buck a loving home, or know someone who can, please email Liz at [email protected].



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  1. Thank God she helped, I have rescued a small cat 1.5yrs that needs a good home in San Diego, Ocean Beach. His name is Bo. I can’t keep him and All the rescues won’t take him since he was a stray. He will be put down. Any help?
    He is real friendly and soft.
    Please help me to find him a home
    He loves my dog too.

  2. Before Craigslist folks could do the same thing or worse, think pre internet, except at least now the poor critters might have a chance at rescue.

  3. Liz –YOU are AMAZING!! You completely ROCK!!! bless you and I hope that all the good fortune in the world comes your way!!!


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