Woman Throws Box of Cats and Dog Out of Moving Car

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Animal Control workers in Clarksville, Tennessee watched in horror as a woman threw a box containing seven cats out of her moving vehicle at the shelter, and later returned to hurl a dog out of the car and into the street.

“The car sped out of our parking lot, opened up the car door while it was moving, and threw out a Yorkshire Terrier mix out of a moving vehicle. The dog chased after the car for a while because obviously it was the owner,” said Montgomery County Animal Control Director Karen Josephson.

She and local police would both like help from the public to identify the woman. Witnesses with information regarding the incident are asked to call Clarksville police at (931) 648-0656.

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  1. Surely they got the car brand and hopefully a license plate….this woman deserves to be flayed and dipped in hot oil. What a piece of scum.

  2. That wasn’t the dog thrown from the car – it was a Yorkie….this one pictured here in the still of the video was abandoned at the shelter in a box taped shut with no air holes on Monday morning:(( People are getting worse and worse!!!


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