Woman’s Rescue Dog Is a Gift from Heaven

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8.15.16 - Dog Is Sent From Heaven1


This story comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which in addition to featuring fan-submitted rescue stories, offers a wide selection of clothing, décor, pet supplies, and other gifts.  For each purchase made, a food donation is made to shelter pets in need.

I had lost my Mom just three weeks before losing my Shih Tzu, Barnabis, my soul mate. I was completely devastated from these major losses. My husband said “no more dogs,” he couldn’t deal with all of this sudden pain either.

After five months, I had enough and told my husband, “We are getting another dog!” I searched rescue web sites for over a month and then this precious little girl spoke to me. I submitted an application and was one of many to be selected to meet her and be interviewed, so off to Columbus I went. On the way down I stopped at my Mom’s grave & asked her to please let this baby be the one, my heart wouldn’t heal as I kept searching.

It was finally my turn to meet her. After meeting several families with children, she looked exhausted. She crawled into my lap and went to sleep.  They told me her name was Bobbie – that was my Mom’s nickname. I knew at that moment, that was my sign from heaven and she had to be mine, but would this rescue ever let me have her as they had to do a home visit & I lived 2.5 hours away.

I’m happy to say, yes, Cause for Paws let me be the lucky one to adopt her. She is now 14.5 years old, she’s slowly losing her hearing and has a little arthritis, but she is still and forever will be, my angel. I can’t imagine life without her. Please choose to adopt, they need you as much as you need them.

Submitted by Linda Johns of Oak Harbor, Ohio