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Woof, A Dog Lover’s Second Best Friend


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IMG_0420Woof, branded as ‘a dog lover’s second best friend’, launched their mobile app this past Friday. The Woof app combines many social networking features — photo sharing, walk tracking, and following other dogs — but it all has a decidedly canine twist.

One of their passionate dog loving users shared her comments on Woof:

“I have said that this app is better than their competitors and more interesting because of the connection you get with seeing your animal’s behavior. Like who is sniffing your dog’s territory actually relates to the possibility of why your dog is marking certain spots. It’s so cool! I love that I can connect with my pet on that intimate level.”

Woof’s founders strongly believe in giving back to the community and recognize the need to help find good homes for the millions of shelter dogs across the country. With this in mind, Woof has developed a close relationship with the SPCA.

The mission of this partnership is to increase the amount of successful dog adoptions in North America. In a later version of the app, by integrating SPCA’s Meet Your Match® program, North American Woof users will be able to find nearby shelter dogs looking for homes through the app. By answering a few questions, they can be matched based on the users lifestyle and personality to find the dog that is right for them — it’s like eHarmony for dogs.

Another feature that Woof offers is a map that shows dog parks throughout North America. They have over 1000 parks in their database and each one lists off the respective features; off-leash, fenced, benches, parking, and if a membership is required. For users outside of North America, Woof allows you to add a park so your fellow dog lovers can all experience the benefits of your local dog parks.

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Woof’s mission is to bring local dog communities closer together, and the three developers plan to build what the community demands. They will add more features in the near future, but dog parents are already enjoying it!

Make sure you download it and have fun while using it!


NOTE: Woof is being developed by three Canadian university students who love their dogs. They are working hard at building the community and want to get an Android app out as soon as possible. If you want an Android app sooner, make  sure that you share Woof with your friends.


You can find more about Woof here or download their app here.