World’s Sorriest Dog Apologizes in the Cutest Way Ever

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Ettore is sorry… so, SO very sorry.  But I think his owner will definitely forgive him after this crazy adorable apology!

Ettore did something naughty – what, I don’t know.  High school was half a lifetime ago, and the Italian I once had mastered has long since evanesced from memory.


Owner Anthony Federica Granai gives Ettore a firm talking to, and the deeply compunctious dog expresses his sincerest apologies.

Apology definitely accepted!

283 thoughts on “World’s Sorriest Dog Apologizes in the Cutest Way Ever”

  1. I dare ANYONE try to take my dog from me and say they need put down. I dont care who you are you will NOT kill my dog. I will gladly pay the hospital bills, if any. NO ONE is taking any animal from me no matter who you think you are or what type of “authority” you think you have over me. Just try to take my dog.

    • Take a deep breath Chuck. No one is going to take away your dog.
      Take good care of your dog…..and yourself.


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