Would You Use Cannabis Dog Treats to Calm Your Pet this Coming Fourth of July?

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So, yes, we all agree that fireworks displays can be very stressful on our animal friends, especially on the Fourth of July in the United States.  This article however, is really not so much about the fireworks themselves, but about the use of cannabis based dog treats to help calm them down during this time of year.

In cannabis-friendly Colorado, this is actually a legal option for some people.  The treats are not “pot-brownies” for your dog.  They contain an infusion of CBD.  According to Danielle Jarock, owner of Quality Paws Natural Pets store, CBD is something that comes from the hemp plant.

For people like Colleen Kahoe and her rescue dog, the CBD infused items seem to really help calm her dog.  This is good, as according to her, the Fourth is an extra stressful event.

“I don`t like to leave her on the 4th of July, that`s for sure,” said Kahoe.  “She paces, pants heavily, goes into the basement.”

Kahoe said that she’ll be giving the treats a try, and seeing how they work out.  If they seem to do the trick for her dog, and actually do help promote a feeling a calm at a time where that’s usually not really an option, she thinks it’s worth it.

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