Wylie’s Fight for Freedom: A War Dog’s Journey

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Wylie has been to hell and back.

The stray was rescued in war-torn Afghanistan recently after a harrowing ordeal. Locals captured him and forced him to fight another dog: he was nearly killed in the bloody match that saw him fighting for his life. His muzzle was slashed open, he had his tail, penis and ears cut off, and he was then thrown under a moving car. By all rights, the battered dog should have died.

Wylie’s luck took a major turn when he was found by the British soldiers who managed to rescue him. They brought him to the Kandahar airfield to be examined by Australian Federal Police agent, Narelle Jensz. Jensz had arrived from Gundaroo and was in Afghanistan to use her veterinary science skills to treat injured dogs.

Jensz and a team of US army medical staff treated Wylie and managed to nurse him back to health over a long period of time. And then she fell in love.

“Wylie has the ability to win you over without even trying,” she said. “For a dog who has endured so much at the hands of humans, there is no malice or aggression, just forgiveness. He is a survivor”.

Jensz said Wylie was an inspiration to soldiers serving in a hostile war zone. “He had become the symbol of hope and strength to so many. Wylie is a pivotal part of my life and my experience in Afghanistan because of what he represents and the efforts of those around him. Its a bond stronger and more profound than most”.

Wylie is now in Britain completing a six month quarantine while British dog rescue charity group Nowzad Dogs attempts to raise funds to get him to Australia. See nowzaddonations.chipin.com/wylie to learn how you can help.

Jensz says she can’t wait to welcome Wylie home. “I’m looking forward to giving him the biggest hug in the world and reminding him people are not about to give up on him,” she said. “The next step is to introduce him to grass and the rolling waves of the ocean”.

14 thoughts on “Wylie’s Fight for Freedom: A War Dog’s Journey”

  1. Beautiful dog. I can see why she fell in love with him just from looking at his face. The people who did that to him on the other hand, are scum!!!

  2. I am so glad that Wylie will get a good life. I hope the scumbags who hurt him and any other innocent animal go straight to hell. They have nothing to contribute to the human race.

  3. I was able to get to the link without a problem. Type exactly what I have below in the address bar of your browser or just copy and paste.


  4. They cut off his penis??!! I wish I could catch them and cut off theirs. No 72 virgins for them! I’m glad the guys took him in and the vet was able to rehab him.

  5. This precious angel of God deserves nothing but the very best of care and of love. How anyone can abuse an animal, and be able to continue to live is an outrage. They should be hung upside down, pricked with a pitch fork, and bleed a slow agonizing death for the torture that they put this precious dog through. Thank goodness for the kind folks that took care of him and I know that his new owner will give him the love and devotion he so truly deserves!!!

    • Actually, not many but some – especially if they were of the twisted version of Islam that the Taliban uses.

      That dog looks like an Ovcharka which would be treated well as a working dog (flock guarders). They are from that region and it’s customary to crop ears down to the skull and dock tails. The rest of what happened sounds similar to the crap I’ve seen working here in the US in animal control. Yes, we’ve even had a dog come in that had it’s penis cut off.

  6. Wylie has certainly been further into Hell than many abused dogs. Good God, what is the matter with people? These people who did this are sub-human. And I hate to even use the word human for them. SCUM. I don’t care if they “feel a dog is unclean”~~they’re a bunch of scummy rag heads. Now that I’ve had my rant against them, I can go on to thank all of the wonderful people who saved him, gave him the medical attention and love that he needed. He could have just as easily become an aggressive dog who hated humans and instead, he’s weathered the worst of the worst and is so beautiful and you can just tell he is full of love and gratitude. He will have so much fun on the beaches of Australia running and playing that hopefully, this will all be forgotten somewhere in the back of his mind. Bless you all and Wylie the Strong for sharing his story.


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