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Xena Can Give You the Best of Both Worlds: All of the Puppy Love Without All the Training

by Fred

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4.27.17 Xena1


It’s Thursday, Life With Dogs readers, and you know what that means!  One day closer to the weekend, and another wonderful LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day for you, today.  She’s called Xena, and she comes to us from our friends at the Humane Rescue Alliance out of the Washington DC area.  She’s a big old gal who can give you the best of it all when it comes to dogs; all of that puppy love and fun without all of the training that can come along with a brand new puppy.

Let’s let the Humane Rescue Alliance introduce Xena:


4.27.17 Xena2


Yep, I see you looking at me.  My name is Xena.  My warrior princess name matches my size because I’m a little on the chunky side at 81lbs, but I think I’m a lap dog.  The best thing about me is that I’m already trained so none of that puppy nonsense but all that puppy love.  

I don’t mean to brag but my foster mommy loves to show off my sit, lay down, and handshake manners to everyone I meet.  I’ll do almost anything for those yummy treats.  I’m kind of known for my gentle demeanor and tolerance for new humans and other pets too.  By the way, I love a good car ride.  The outdoors is so interesting and I like to grab sticks (well, really they’re branches) when I go for walks.

Since I’m 8 years old the last thing I want to do is go for a hike through the mountains or run a marathon but I’m perfect on short walks.  Nap time is the best after a little exercise.  Did I mention that I’m super quite (well, other than a little snoring).  


4.27.17 Xena3


My crate is my Zen place.  Just give me my large tennis ball and a super fluffy dog bed inside and I’m perfectly happy to rest through your work day or all night.  Basically, I’m just awesome sauce!  My foster mom knows I’ll find my forever home soon because once you meet me you’ll fall in love.  I have her handling my scheduling right now (between naps I just don’t have the time) so reach out to her and she’ll set up a time for introductions.

Well, it’s getting close to my next nap time so we’ll talk soon okay?  Oh, don’t forget to contact my foster mom Tomeka for more details.  Her email address is [email protected].  See you after my nap!

To see Xena’s bio page, click here.  To see the Humane Rescue Alliance’s home page click here, and to see their Facebook page, click here.