Yellow Lab Saves Yorkshire Terrier From Hawk Attack

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Photo Credit: Shawn Gust, Couer d’Alene Press

Tuesday morning a hawk nearly took the life of a Yorkshire terrier named Cory in Post Falls, Idaho. The hero that came to the rescue and saved his life was a yellow lab named Dakota.

Steve Groves grew concerned when he saw Dakota dash into the woods barking furiously. Spotting a hawk flying above the woods Groves realized his other dog Cory was nowhere to be found.  He became very concerned but only moments later the hawk flew away and both Dakota and Cory came running home. Cory had cuts on both sides of his back and his mid-section.

The wounds were indicative of an attack from a bird of prey, like a hawk, according to both Groves and Cory’s veterinarian. “You can see four spots where a bird grabbed on,” said Groves. “Definitely claw marks.” Cory had to be stitched up to stop the bleeding from his wounds.

Groves says that if it wasn’t for Dakota, Cory wouldn’t be here today. “Our dogs are very protective of each other,” said Groves. “If it wasn’t for Dakota, we wouldn’t have Cory. Even if the hawk didn’t get Cory off the ground. It would have eaten him there.”

Since the incident Cory has been staying close to home and been reluctant to wander too far on the Groves’ 10-acre property. This is the first time in the eight years the Groves have lived on the property that they’ve had an incident like this. They say they will be keeping a close eye on Cory though they don’t plan to restrict him from enjoying the property. “You can only protect him so much,” said Groves.

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