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Yogi the Dog Survives 60 ft. Fall

by Katherine

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John Reynolds from Helston, England, was walking his 2-year-old Australian Huntaway, named Yogi, on the evening of March 22, 2014, when the dog caught the scent of a rabbit and took of after it. Unfortunately, the dog fell down a 60 ft. deep mineshaft and Reynolds feared the worse.

When the canine took off running, his owner wasn’t sure where the dog took off to. Reynolds and his family searched the area and called after their pet, but they couldn’t hear or see the dog. The family also called authorities but with the sun setting, the rescue had to come to an end.

Yogi after being rescued. Photo Credit: The Packet.
Yogi after being rescued. Photo Credit: The Packet.

Fireman Morris Robert asked the family to return the next morning to continue the search, but the pet owners didn’t think they would be able to find their beloved pet.

At 5:30 a.m. the next day Roberts, Helen Reynolds and her daughter Sue were back on the scene searching for Yogi, and as they walked the area they heard a dog’s bark.

Roberts discovered Yogi had fallen down the mineshaft.

“If he hadn’t got us to come back in the morning Yogi would still be down there running around until he died,” Sue told The Packet. “If it wasn’t for [Roberts, Yogi] wouldn’t be here.”

The firefighter called reinforcements and soon a team arrived to rescue the pet. A fireman was lowered into the mineshaft and then both, rescuer and pet were hoisted up to safety.

“We can’t thank them enough,” said Sue. “[The firemen] gave their time and effort to come and get him when originally we hadn’t thought he was alive. It’s amazing. The fire service really was fantastic.”

Surprisingly, Yogi was unharmed from his fall. He is now home with his loved ones.