You Just Never Know…..

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One hopes, often in futility I might add, that a day goes according to a plan. However, you just never know what you`re gonna get. With a multi-dog household, namely Bridget Talley and Doobie, you just never know what a day might bring. True, my training appointments are routinely scheduled, but the part about living with three labs: you just never know.

Case in point: Talley, in picture above, has delightedly ground in sand from the labbie sand box, one of her favorite things in the world. This after a bath and prior to rinsing off an anti-itch formula. No, these activities were not in the game plan.  However, as Talley could have quite cheerfully taken off her own hind end that morning, due to a chronically swollen anal gland, game plan revision was unavoidable.

One of my other other jobs (there are many other other jobs) would be the production of this weekly article. As you may have guessed no writing happened on this day. Indeed, I found myself driving cross country an hour north to obtain medication for the hiney afflicted labbie. Yup it`s a hike to my long time Vet now since moving south of the Bohemia, but he is so wonderful I continue to make the trek.

Anyways, I am  certain those of you with multi-dog households can relate to nicely scheduled days becoming chaos. It seems I have many of those days! When living with three dogs (or more) you just never know. Like the day Bridget appeared at the deck with a gaping wound requiring stitches (surmised she ran into something sharp), like the day Bridget got up, walked off limping and I noticed a swollen hock (torn calcaneal tendon.) Oh, and like the time I clipped a nail too short on Doobie and he bled (what seemed copiously) all over the beige carpet (which is now gone.)

The latter was late in the evening, I was overly fatigued, should never have tackled it and yes, major clean up job. Fortunately the hiney afflicted Talley seems to be on the mend. With one wee caveat. Did you know being on prednisone causes increased urination? And that on the morning of the dining room floor install I was busy wielding a hair dryer to dry a pee puddle? Yup, Talley on prednisone = pee accident. You just never know.  If I have learned anything it has been to re-prioritize on the fly, in my busy life. Because you just never know. Anyways, how could you ever be upset with a face like this?

yup Talley with all her hiney problems is one cute little labbie
Could You Be Upset With This Face?

Until next Friday, Leslie PMCT CPDT-KA and the labbies, Bridgey, Talley and Doobie

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5 thoughts on “You Just Never Know…..”

  1. Loved your story! I too, have three of my own. But sadly I will only have one. My littel guy Baxter (IG/Rat Terrier mix) has malignant melanoma in his mouth) and Vega (boxer) was just recently diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy and is fading fast. So I will be left with one, my baby girl Piper (basset hound).
    It is alot or work having three dogs and most people think I am crazy. I wasn’t even sure when I got Vega (victim of divorce-owners no longer wanted him) that I could handle two! Then, I had to have a basset hound, so there ya go.
    Sounds like you thouroughly love your dogs and have the patience for them.
    And your so right, you never know what your day will bring! But who can complain about the love they give us back.

    • Monica, I’m so sorry to hear about your two babies. I had four up until June when I lost one. I still have the three, but it is not the same. None of us are the same. All you can really do is love the heck out of them while you still have them, and try to prepare yourself for the worst. I will tell you though, that no amount of preparing makes it easy. What does make it a tiny bit easier is people like you will find on this list who get what you are going through.


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