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You Won’t Believe What Mom Catches Naughty Dogs Up To While at Work!

by Melanie

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When high schooler Jonny got busted for throwing a party, his mom installed cameras around the house to make sure things are copacetic while she’s not home.  One day, she decided to check up on the dogs, and she got an eyeful that was more than expected!

Warning:  this post may not be suitable for youngsters.

“I had a party without [my parents] knowing and it got a little out of hand, so to prevent that from ever happening again she got cameras all around my house and inside as well,” Jonny told BuzzFeed.




Everyone has likely seen a dog just being a dog by humping a leg or a stuffed animal, or sniffing or licking something their humans would prefer they keep their snouts away from.  Chico the Maltese was caught doin’ the dirty with Chloe the bulldog, and while this is often just part of being certain mammalian species, mom was not expecting such a sight.

Jonny tweeted the surveillance photos along with his mom’s shocked reaction, and he said that Chico was just helping Chloe out.




“This just happens when the bulldog is menstruating,” he said. “Chico just does her a favor of cleaning it since she’s too fat to reach it herself.”

I don’t know if Chico is really helping her, but this family will probably think twice before letting him give them kisses again any time soon.  And in the wise words of Bob Barker:  please have your pets spayed or neutered.