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Young Girl Overjoyed After Dachshund is Reunited With Family


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Young girl happy to have Bentley home

A family in Pittston Township, PA were overjoyed when their 10 month old Dachschund, Bentley was returned home on Tuesday.

Bentley had been missing since last Saturday, when an intruder broke into the family home. The family had offered a $100 reward for the safe return of their beloved, Bentley.

“I’m so happy Bentley is home,” a smiling 10-year-old Ashlyn O’Donovan said today, holding her dog at the family’s home.

The family has the local newspaper to thank for Bentley’s homecoming. After an article ran in the Citizens’ Voice, a woman contacted Pittston Township police. The woman had taken Bentley into her home after he was found alone outside her workplace.

After contacting the police, the woman took Bentley to be reunited with his family. She turned down the $100 reward and asked to remain anonymous.

“He’s back home. Everyone’s happy. We’ll sleep easier now. There will be no more tears,” said O’Donovan. “I couldn’t stand to see her (Ashlyn) cry.”

Police have continued their investigation into the break-in. It is not believed that Bentley was stolen; rather he had gotten loose when the intruder fled the scene.

For now the family is quite content to have Bentley home safe and sound.