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Young Girl Starts Business to Fundraise for Local Shelter

by Fred

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7.21.15 - hope

Eleven-year-old Hope Balliet is on a mission to raise money for her local shelter.  She decided to start a small business making one-of-a-kind, tie-dyed shoes.  She then uses the proceeds to make donations to her local shelter.

Hope started selling the shoes via her Facebook page, which you can visit by clicking here, because she wanted to do even more to help out animals in need.

“I go to the shelter about once a month to play with the dogs,” said Hope.  “I always want to take all of the dogs home when I go to the shelter, but I already have three dogs, so I decided to make the shoes to raise money to help.”

At first, Hope was really only selling the shoes to friends and family members.  However, once Hope had posted about her idea on social media, strangers from all over are placing orders.  Every penny she’s made on the deal has gone to donations.

Hope’s mother, Melinda Balliet, said, “She’s making orange and brown tie-dyed shoes for Browns fans, scarlet and gray for Ohio State fans, and pink shoes for breast cancer awareness.  She’s already raised around $30 toward her next check for the shelter.”

Monique Hypes, kennel supervisor at the shelter has known Hope ever since she started donating necessities to the shelter, like food, bowls, and other odds and ends.  The shelter is totally self funded, and the additional funds will go to covering medical expenses that can often fall outside the budget for them.

Hope wants to be a vet someday.  We think she’s really on track, and is an amazing kid.

“All of the dogs are really excited when I come here,” she said.  “I want to help as many dogs as I can.”

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