Young Lifeguard Saves a Man and Dog From Drowning

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In Ashburnham, Massachusetts, a 17-year-old lifeguard has been deemed a hero after he conducted an impressive double duty rescue mission

Jeremy Lessard had been hired to lifeguard at a family reunion on Sunset Lake.

Casually monitoring the reunion, Lessard was suddenly asked to do something he never had to do before.

A woman approached him to ask if he could save her dog. By this time, the dog had swam nearly half a mile away.

“She was like can somebody help my dog, and was like yeah, I’ll go swim after it,” said Jeremy Lessard.

Lessard worked effortlessly to save the dog as well as a man who had tried to save the dog.

It didn’t take Lessard long to realize that he wasn’t able to catch up with the dog. He made a quick decision to swim to another shore and ask to borrow a canoe.

“I paddled out. There was a pontoon boat traveling on my left and I was like, ‘hey, go and help me get that dog,’” said Lessard.

Wanting to help, the man in the pontoon boat jumped into the water. As the man went to grab the dog, the leash slipped out of his fingers.

“I got to the dog, I could see that it was struggling. It was starting to go underwater a little bit. It was really tired so I grabbed it on my left hand, tried to scoop it up. I didn’t know heavy it was.”

Frightened and panicked, the dog bit Lessard.

“I just reached in again, I didn’t want the dog to drown. I grabbed the dog again and it bit me twice as I was getting back in the boat. I got it in the boat.”

Now dealing with an injury, Lessard also had another rescue to do. The man who had jumped into the water off the pontoon boat was out of breath. The man’s wife was concerned that her husband may have been having another heart attack.

“It was kinda like an adrenaline high at that point.”

“He was panting. He was really pale. Holding on to the lifejacket, he wasn’t moving,”

Lessard managed to rescue the 60-year-old man as well. Everyone, including the dog, Kera, made it safely back to shore.

“I don’t feel like I was any sort of hero. I was just doing what I was trained to do,” said Lessard.

4 thoughts on “Young Lifeguard Saves a Man and Dog From Drowning”

  1. I’m really, really sorry to say this but Lessard “left his post”. He was hired for the family reunion and should have stayed where he was (on the beach.) Who was now watching the family reunion swimmers/the kids etc?
    In almost all cases dogs in water and on ice will “rescue themselves”. This has been discussed before on this web page. Do NOT risk your life.

    The man in the pontoon boat could have had a catastrophiic(deadly)i emergency after trying to help by jumping in the water. Lessard himself could have drowned. What he did was not a safe practice. A wet dog is a heavy weight….. then add the bites…..
    I adore dogs. ADORE.
    It is thrilling that people want to help others but sounds like the dog was not yet in distress. He probably would have gotten to shore. Think this pup should be leashed or have a lunge line near water?
    Thankfully everyone was OK.

  2. Good job Jeremy! This story had a happy ending because of you. Keep up the good work and be careful out there.


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